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What is Self-Acceptance Healing?

Accepted As I Am Retreat Center is a holistic wellness and healing center located in Plymouth, Michigan.  Barbra White is a naturally insightful and compassionate self-realization healer and teacher, spiritual guide, and homeopathic practitioner. Through self-acceptance healing, Barbra uses intuitive guidance and universal principals to assist you to heal while increasing your level of self-understanding and consciousness.
Self-acceptance ignites change and is the core of true healing

Because self-acceptance healing addresses many aspects of a person, Barbra can help you to address issues that have existed for years.  In many cases, Barbra has helped people that have been unsuccessful using traditional medicine such as prescription drugs or surgery. 

Self-Acceptance is a conscious evolution of a person’s perception of self. It is a continual co-creative process that shifts our self-identity from the limited to the unlimited. We are limited when we define ourselves by our external environment instead of our internal spirit.  Continually accepting ourselves, as we are, powerfully shift us into awareness of the love, power and beauty already within.

Whether you are looking to heal a physical or emotional condition, learn meditation, or evolve spiritually, Barbra would love to help.  Begin your healing journey today!


What is a Self-Acceptance Healing Session? 
A self-acceptance healing session with Barbra encourages self-acceptance and awareness, personal empowerment, and conscious evolution.
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