Barbra White B.S., D.hom
Barbra White

Barbra White has dedicated her life to helping people finding Love within, and knows it is her life purpose to teach the power of self-acceptance and help change the world. Barbra is a powerful healer and gifted self-awareness teacher who has mentored so many people into finding their life purpose she has been called the “mid-wife to your soul”. 

Because of Barbra's own self-acceptance, she has a potent quality that causes a person to spontaneously release pain and open their heart. With an unwavering focus on the Truth of Love and Reality of God within, Barbra helps you to compassionately see your limiting patterns and beliefs and embrace your true magnificent Self.

God has given Barbra a systematic approach to realizing self as Love, which she shares in a nine month Self-Acceptance Teachers Intensive.  Barbra’s revolutionary and straightforward teachings are more than life changing, they are world changing.  

Barbra, a revolutionary spiritual teacher, shares her intuitive gifts, self-acceptance tools, natural healing approach and compassionate guidance in a variety of ways:

  • Individual self-acceptance healing sessions, a holistic approach to healing which may include homeopathy, herbal remedies, Reiki, guided meditation or auricular.
  • Guidance with spiritual growth in both individual and group sessions.
  • Meditation instruction and classes.
  • Qi Gong (Chi Cong) classes.
  • Inspirational meditation talks (small and large scale).
  • Full Day/Weekend intensives and workshops.
  • Transformational health and inner peace retreats.
  • Self-acceptance teachers intensive (nine months in duration, offered once/year)

Barbra is on the board of directors of Health and Peace non-profit, where she has partnered with other gifted healers in co-creating a community based healing center with a broad reach.  Her book Magnificent *You*and meditation CD You Are Loved as You Are are available now, and her next book, ‘Why Self-Acceptance is so Powerful’ will be available this summer. Her monthly articles can be read in Barbra owns Accepted As I Am Retreat Center, a spiritual growth, wellness and healing center located in Plymouth, MI. 

Barbra would love to be a part of your individual healing journey, talk to a small group at your healing center, or share her guidance with hundreds in a larger venue.  To contact Barbra for an appointment, spiritual growth workshop, retreat, or speaking engagement, call (734) 455-1438, or e-mail

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