The Five Spiritual Principles

Reflecting the perennial wisdom of the ages, these principals are found at the heart of the world’s spiritual traditions. When embodied and integrated into our daily spiritual growth practice, they are a pathway to self-realization, and a conscious state of oneness with Spirit.

1.  God is an unconditionally loving God.  God is good, therefore Life is good.  Life is Love, or Life is God.  Absolute goodness is the substance, the source and the supply of all existence. The aspect of the Godhead is always in integrity with itself, which means that it cannot contradict its own laws, nature, and relationship to its own creation.

2.  God is love. God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniactive.  Existence is the manifest form and activity of the Spirit.  No-thing or person is separate from this loving all present force called God.

3.  Every person is an individual expression of God.  Every person is made in the image and likeness of God and is capable of awakening to this realization and giving expression to the qualities of unconditional love, wisdom and peace.

4.  Every person is responsible for their own evolution.   Every individual has been given the power of free choice and is therefore self-responsible for their evolution following a path suited to their individual state of evolving consciousness.

5.  The universe is continually expanding. We live in non-static ever-evolving universe, which is the source of our individual evolutionary impulse and capacity to expand into our fullest potential.

These principals adopted and integrated from Agape International Spiritual Center and Dr Micheal Bernard Beckwith. Go to to order his book, cd's and movie!
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